A and A- A preview- Northridge Wedding

A little preview if you will of Adrian and Alexa’s wedding day at the Northridge Inn and Resort. When we sat down for a visit with this couple, we asked if any flowers, or significant elements were desired to be incorporated to make the florals that much more meaningful to them. The couple shared the story of the proposal. Are you ready for this one ladies? Grab a tissue. Have you watched the televison show the ‘Gilmore Girls’? Alexa and her daughter had nicknamed themselves after the mother, daughter characters on this show and being that their last name is Gilmour it fit! If you’ve watched every episode a million times like we have you would remember the character ‘Max’ (he was engaged to Lorelai) who proposed with 1000 yellow daisies. Well….Adrian proposed with 1000 yellow daisies! We know, we know…AWE! Obviously we had to make sure we included yellow daisies!  Here is the video clip from Gilmore Girls…watch it! – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VwmcNTMcZk

Photo’s by the talented Kate Hood of KHI Photography. Please take a look at her blog post. (click here)

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